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Complimentary Audit [Risify]

Thank you for showing interest in Risify's exclusive offer.
This won't be a typical SEO audit. We're committed to providing a comprehensive review with actionable insights tailored for your Shopify store.
To ensure we hit the mark, please fill out the form below. Your input will guide our experts in pinpointing areas of opportunity and growth for your online presence.
And here's a special incentive: rush to fill out the form, as the first 10 merchants will secure a 1-on-1 session with Erman, where you'll walk through the audit findings together.
Let's get started!

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SEO History

Lastly, please provide some information about your website's search engine optimization (SEO) history.

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Are there any other web sites you own?

Are there any other web sites you own?

How was your experience with your latest SEO service/software provider?

Did you gain benefits from the service/software? Did you experience an increase in organic traffic and revenue?